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Star Micronics GB is the wholly owned UK and Eire subsidiary of Star Micronics Co Ltd, which produces sliding-headstock lathes at its ultra modern Kikugawa plant in Japan. The headquarters is in Shizuoka. The GB subsidiary, in addition to supplying its parent company’s multi-axis, sliding-headstock mill-turn centres, is also the sole UK agent for the entire range of FMB automatic bar feeders and JBS compensating guide bush systems from Germany.

Star’s range of machines Sliding Head Lathes provide the right platform for precision engineers to machine high volume component batches, accurately, quickly and with minimal manual/operator intervention. 

Star GB supply a whole range of lathes, machines starting at 10mm bar capacity up to machines with a 38mm bar capacity. The business primarily supplies new machines – the entire range is listed below. However, on occasions we have special promotions on both new and used machines. If you are looking for a deal on a new machine, see what’s in stock here.

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